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7 Reasons Why Epoxy is Cut Above the Rest in Garage Floor Coating

Do you want to give your garage floor an appealing look while ensuring longevity? Consider coating your garage floor using epoxy. This adhesive material forms when you mix epoxy resin and hardener, creating a durable, tough, and degradation-resistant chemical bond, which makes it an ideal coating for your garage. Unlike urethane applications, it doesn’t produce harmful organic vapors (VOCs). Read on to discover seven reasons, in detail, why epoxy is a perfect floor coating for your garage.

1. Unmatched Durability

Due to its adhesive nature, epoxy creates a tight bond with your concrete floor. The chemical bond makes the garage floor more durable than plain concrete. Epoxy coatings also resist chemicals, and oils and grease leak from your vehicle, enhancing the garage’s durability.

2. Incredibly Easy to Clean

Coating your garage with epoxy, which is water-resistant, makes your floor easy to clean. You only need to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris. Afterward, use a mop with a mixture of diluted ammonia and warm water to whip the surface. Clean regularly, depending on how often you use the garage and how quickly it gets dirty.

3. Much Needed Slip-resistance

Slip and fall injuries are dangerous anywhere. However, considering the garage houses heavy equipment, a small accident can result in severe injuries. The good news is that you are less likely to slip on an epoxy-coated floor when wet compared to your standard concrete floor. You create resistance by adding an anti-slip medium to the final floor coating.

4. Installation is a Breeze

Working with epoxy is so easy; you can do it yourself. It allows you to drill, sand, and paint it easily. Though DIY epoxy installation is considerably cheaper, seeking professional services for the best outcome is advisable. Start by brainstorming: which garage flooring near me can offer the best services? An expert can help prepare your floor by checking and eliminating contaminants such as oil and grease on the slab before installation.

5. Eye-Popping Aesthetical Appeal

Epoxy comes in various colors and patterns, allowing you to customize your garage. An epoxy-coated garage floor brightens your garage, increasing the visibility of items inside. A bright floor also makes it easy to spot stains and dirt that are whipped quickly. The good news is garage epoxy in Costal Carolina professionals can help you choose a design that compliments your garage and home theme.

6. Strong and Heat-resistance

You don’t have to worry about the weight in your garage with an epoxy-coated garage floor. The epoxy resin system makes epoxy withstand heavy weights, shocks, and impact from falling items. Your epoxy-coated garage surfaces will also be highly heat-resistant, depending on the hardeners used during your garage coating refurbishment.

7. Easy to Maintain

Although the epoxy-coated floor is resistant to water and chemicals, it’s imperative to prioritize maintenance for long-lasting results. Maintenance involves cleaning to eliminate stains and removing debris and dust that can result in scratching during movements. The smooth and bright surface of your epoxy floor makes maintenance easy. Remember to read the labels of your cleaning product and avoid using acidic products, which can erode the epoxy coating.


To wrap up everything, having an epoxy-coated garage floor seems more beneficial than bare concrete. You will get not only a solid floor but also a beautiful garage. If you’re in Carolina, the Granite Garage Floor team is ready to provide the best garage epoxy floor services. Call customer support today for more information.

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