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Top Questions to Ask Your Replacement Window Contractor Before Hiring

For your window replacement project to be successful, selecting the appropriate contractor is crucial. Ask your potential contractors these questions to help you make an informed decision.

How long have you been in business?

A long history of operation may signal a reputable business. However, a newer company may be better or better than an established contractor.

A trustworthy contractor will have workers’ compensation and general liability insurance to protect their crews at your house. Also, ensure they have a permanent address, not just a post office box number.

What is your experience level?

A window contractor specializing in replacement windows and installation has the experience to do a great job on your home. A professional will be happy to provide you with details of their work history and references.

It’s also important to ask whether or not they have insurance.

What window options do you offer?

A good window contractor will offer various products at various price points. This is a sign of their professionalism.

However, avoid companies that are too pushy about one specific product. This is your project, and you should be educated on the options available to make the best decision for your home.

What warranties do you offer?

During a consultation, a window contractor should be prepared to provide you with the manufacturer’s warranty information for your chosen windows. Ideally, they will also offer an artistry warranty as well.

Verifying that the window contractor has insurance that includes general liability and workers’ compensation is essential.

What is your warranty policy?

A top-rated window contractor will offer a comprehensive warranty for installation mistakes. This shows a commitment to quality work and accountability. Before you sign any contracts, ask your contractors to produce documentation of their liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

It is your project, and you should be educated on all products offered to decide what best fits your needs.

How do you communicate with your customers?

Your window contractor must communicate effectively with you during the project. Ask if they can provide references or connect you to past customers.

Getting an unfiltered perspective of the company is beneficial when making your decision. Also, make sure they have reviews online on Google or Facebook. The more positive reviews, the better.

How long will it take to complete the project?

Window replacement projects can vary in length, but a quality contractor should always be honest about the timeline. They should also be willing to provide references or connect you with a past customer to show you their work.

How much will the project cost?

Many homeowners assume that window estimates are free, but that’s not always true. Some companies build their costs into the initial estimate and may not be willing to negotiate.

Ask about additional charges, such as window removal, is also essential. This can be a significant cost saver.

What is your timeline for completing the project?

Replacing your windows is a large-scale home improvement project that could take months. The contractor you hire can give you an accurate timeline for your window installation project.

It would help if you also asked your potential contractor for references from previous customers who are happy with their work.

What is your warranty policy?

Window contractors should offer an artistry warranty covering their work for a specified time. It is likely a red flag if they are hesitant to answer this question or need help to provide proof of insurance coverage.

Asking these questions can help you find the best contractor for your project. Doing so lets you feel confident that your replacement windows are well-installed and will last a long time.

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