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How Outdoor Lighting Can Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Outdoor lighting adds value to your home by highlighting the architecture and landscaping – both essential components of curb appeal. It can also draw attention to eye-catching features such as water features, gardens, and statues with uplighting.

Nothing says warm and inviting like professionally installed outdoor lighting. It illuminates key elements of your home and yard, making it beautiful at night.

Focal Points

Many homeowners spend time and money on their homes’ exteriors—gardening, lawncare, porch decorations—but all that effort often goes unnoticed after dark. A well-designed lighting scheme can elevate your home’s nighttime curb appeal, highlighting its best features and creating a welcoming ambiance that’s as appealing at night as it is during the day.

Outdoor lighting is more than just illumination; it’s a visual tool that can tell a story, create a mood, or frame a memory. Each light fixture you choose is a brushstroke that adds to the grand picture of your home’s landscape. A specialist can help you select the best outdoor setting and style solutions. For example, if your front yard has an attractive tree, consider uplighting it to accent its silhouette and draw attention. With the proper outdoor lighting Kansas City, your home becomes a captivating narrative, whispered in the glow of a thousand tiny suns.


A well-lit walkway is a simple way to elevate your home’s curb appeal. This gives guests and passersby a safe path to your door and showcases your landscaping design and architecture for all to see.

Accent lighting, also called spot or spotlighting, is another excellent way to show off your landscape design and fixtures. Highlighting statuary, large trees, and other architectural elements adds interest to your yard and increases the value of your property.

For example, when expertly lit, that striking six-foot-tall Croton plant with lacy leaves and frilly fronds looks beautiful. When you sell your house, it will be much more eye-catching to visitors and may even become a selling point. For safety and security, we recommend using lighting controls like sensors or timers for optimum results.


Your home’s driveway and front door are the first thing passersby see. Proper landscape lighting enhances these areas by highlighting your home’s architecture, landscaping, and entryway.

Using accent lighting (or spotlighting) to highlight statues, a fountain, or other landscape features can give your property a more dramatic look. You can also use downlights that create a moonlight effect to light up landscape features or other areas around your home.

In addition to adding beauty, outdoor lighting deters thieves and vandals by eliminating dark spaces and making it easier for neighbors to see what’s happening. Moreover, adequately lit walkways help prevent injuries from trips and falls by making them more visible. Your home’s curb appeal and value may increase as a result.


You’ve invested much time and money in your landscaping, so why let it fade into darkness after the sun goes down? With the help of outdoor lighting, you can keep your family enjoying your home’s exterior long after the kids go to bed and your neighbors call it a night.

Ensure that your curb appeal stands out even at night by using different lighting techniques to highlight features and create depth in your landscape. For example, you can use cross beams of light to soften shadows and make a feature appear larger than it is.

Use a mix of colors and textures in your plantings to add depth, contrast, and visual interest. You can also accentuate and frame specific areas of your house with planters, window boxes, or even simple urns.


Besides increasing property values, a mature tree adds “a special warmth, personality and dimension to a home and community,” according to the American Tree Foundation. A well-maintained landscape, including trees, can increase a home’s value by up to 5%.

Illuminating focal points like trees, flower beds, and ponds give them a starring role that stands out after dark. Landscape lighting also increases visibility and decreases tripping hazards, such as stairs or drop-offs.

Outdoor lighting can help you show off your work on your property by highlighting landscaping features that wouldn’t be visible at night. Choosing fixtures that support your goals—such as security, energy efficiency, and ambiance—is crucial to maximizing your investment.

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