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Designing A Distraction-Free Home Office

Working from home is a job benefit that gained significant traction in the past decade. There has been a 115% increase in people who work from home in the last 10 years. Many employees and business owners feel productivity is higher without the distractions of the common workplace. However, the home presents unique distractions, too.

Many work-from-home employees need a space where they can sit down and focus on daily tasks without disturbance. 

Learn how to create a distraction-free home office that will help you maximize productivity and stay comfortable while logging your hours. 

Create a Separate Space

If possible, choose a space for your home office that you do not use for anything else. The goal is to treat this room like a traditional workplace. It offers a different environment than the remainder of the home and is where you go solely to work. 

If you don’t have an entirely free room to use as a home office, consider reserving a portion of your guest room, walk-in closet or basement for your workspace. The most essential characteristic of the space is that it is quiet. 

Consider purchasing a computer for your home office that is only used for work. It should include work programs and zero distracting games or applications. Keeping those distractions out of reach will help you stay on track.

Stick to Your Work Schedule

Working from home is convenient. It may also cause you to log more hours than necessary because you’re always seconds from your computer or workspace. Blurring the line between family time and work can harm your productivity or lead to burnout. 

Lay Out the Rules

Distractions can be challenging to avoid when working from home. It’s essential your family, roommates and neighbors know and respect your boundaries while working. Explain that your home office is off-limits during working hours unless there’s an emergency. Close the office door while you work and consider putting a sign on it to let your little ones know you’re busy.

Choose Comfortable Office Furniture 

Your home office should never be a place you dread entering. Buy home office furniture that’s comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to you. Your office chair is likely where you’ll spend most of your time, so that’s the best place to splurge if you’re on a budget. 

A cluttered workspace is sure to create a distraction. Choose a desk, shelving and other furniture that helps you stay organized. Remember that you want your office to be a clean, comfortable space where you can remain productive for hours.  

Give Yourself Breaks

Breaks feel like unproductive moments of the day. However, a recent study showed that the most productive working schedule is a period of 52 minutes of work with 17 minutes of break time. While taking this exact amount of break time isn’t always possible, occasionally stepping away from the computer can help reduce distractions when it’s time to focus. 

Don’t be afraid to take coffee breaks and reset momentarily throughout your workday. In fact, some research shows employees who don’t take breaks lose concentration and focus more easily.

Equip Your Office With Supplies

Investing in your office is an investment in your productivity. You don’t want to have to run to your local print shop to make copies or call a computer repairman mid-day. Buy quality office equipment and restock supplies regularly. Setting up your home office with all or most of the items you’d have in a traditional office will help reduce time-consuming and frustrating distractions.

With zero commuting time, homemade coffee and your loved ones nearby, there’s no denying working from home has its perks. However, remaining productive while working remotely is the key to maintaining this significant job benefit. Use the tips above to create a distraction-free, productive workplace that helps lead you to success. 

Author bio: Troy Simmons is General Manager at Bel Furniture, a leading furniture and mattress retailer. Simmons is a local Texan who has over 20 years of experience in the furniture business. 

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