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Budget-Friendly Tips To Control Bathroom Remodeling Costs

According to the latest figures from Architectural Digest, average bathroom remodeling expenses exceed $10,000. This sum might make homeowners hesitate. After all, it’s just a bathroom. Typical homeowners must stick to a maintenance or renovation budget for an entire house. Thus, they may feel tempted to spend more of their limited funds on more visible rooms.

At the same time, real estate studies show that home sellers tend to recoup a lot of value from bathroom upgrades compared to upgrades in other places. Even more, families rely on their bathrooms for important home hygiene, and they need to ensure these rooms remain convenient, pleasant and maintained. After all, nothing can foul up a morning routine like a leaky toilet or clogged faucet.

Most of all, homeowners can find affordable ways to improve their bathroom’s appearance and functionality without spending much money. That’s particularly true for the many tasks that handy homeowners can learn to do themselves.

How to Control Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Even though most people will admit the importance of their bathrooms, many families need to stick to realistic budgets these days. Before deciding that bathroom remodeling will cost too much money, savvy homeowners should consider ways to enjoy excellent results while sticking to their budgets.

Tackle Simple Bathroom Fixes Yourself

These days, DIY types can find plenty of instructional videos online. You may prudently decide to leave complex plumbing or structural tasks to pros. Even so, you can determine if you feel comfortable handling simple tasks by reading or watching DIY guides. Some examples of low-risk repair jobs include replacing toilet flaps and sink washers, cleaning or replacing grout, and replacing shower nozzles.

Compare Contractors for Complex Tasks

If you need to hire pros, you should gather estimates while comparing credentials and reviews. Find out if the professionals only use their own established vendors. Some will help customers save money and maximize choices by shopping for reliable and affordable plumbing, toilet, shower and sink wholesale distributors.

Limit the Scope of Remodeling Work

Changing the plumbing or removing installed cabinets and large fixtures will dramatically increase costs. For example, consider installing a bath surround instead of the more time- and labor-intensive task of replacing your entire bathtub and tiles with a constructed shower. You might refinish cabinets and add new knobs and faucets instead of replacing them. You can save money and still feel delighted with the results if you focus on fixing problems in function and appearance instead of pulling everything out and starting over.

Scout for Affordable Luxuries

Fancy bidet toilets and spa showers can cost thousands of dollars to install. However, you may find some affordable substitutes surprisingly affordable. For instance, you can find bidet toilet seats that easily screw onto your old toilet for about a hundred dollars. Similarly, multifunctional handheld shower nozzles can turn your shower into a massage for less than fifty bucks.

Budget Without Cutting Essential Corners

You could save money by comparing the prices of labor and supplies. You should also prioritize repairs over appearance. After all, unrepaired plumbing or cracked tiles will only get worse if you don’t maintain them. You can always wait to repaint drab walls or replace the knobs on the vanity.

Regardless of your decision, you should always focus on quality to keep yourself from repeating repairs or replacements in a few years. If you plan a remodeling job, find out if you need a permit. Explore contractor’s licenses, experience and references.

Finally, you can save money by doing some repairs yourself. However, working with a pro can save money in the long run if you have a busy schedule or doubts about your ability. Just make sure that you evaluate each contractor’s experience, licenses, insurance and references.

Author bio: Erica Garland is Content Marketing Manager at Modern Bathroom and has 15-plus years of experience in the bathroom renovation industry. Modern Bathroom sells a variety of products you would need for any bathroom renovation project. With such a large selection of vanities, faucets, sinks, toilets and showers, Modern Bathroom is sure to have the perfect piece to give your bathroom an updated look.


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