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How to Hang an Oval Mirror

Oval mirrors are a versatile home decor accent that can blend seamlessly into any style. They make small rooms look larger and brighten darker spaces. They also work well as a focal point when hanging other decorative items in a symmetrical arrangement.

Explore oval bathroom mirrors in various finishes to complement your design theme. Choose a black frame to create a timeless appearance, or go for a brass or nickel finish for a modern aesthetic.

It can be hung on its side

The simplest way to hang an oval mirror is with a metal d-ring. These rings are attached to the back of the frame with strong adhesive, making it easy to hang a heavy mirror. You can also use a French cleat mounting system. These mounts interlock with brackets fixed to the wall.

If the stud finder indicates that no studs are located behind a location where you want to hang the mirror, screw one end of the cleat into a stud. Use a level to confirm that the cleat is level and screw it into the other end.

Position the mirror on the wall and draw its outline with a pencil or erasable marker. Ask an assistant to hold the mirror while you install two lower mirror clips at the marks. Place a straightedge against one of the lower marks and plumb it with a level. Repeat the process for the other clip. Position a second straightedge and mark it at the point where it intersects with the top edge of the bottom clips.

It can be hung on a wall facing a window

The oval mirror’s clean lines add a timeless elegance to any room. They are easy to integrate into your current decor. Hang a large one as a focal point or use a smaller mirror to frame a piece of wall art in a symmetrical way. You can also place other decorative pieces like flowers or plants on either side of the mirror to create a balanced and visually appealing look.

In addition to making rooms feel larger, a mirror can reflect natural light and highlight architectural features. However, it is important to position mirrors so that direct open lighting from fixtures wouldn’t reflect directly on them. You should also avoid hanging them over a window as this can blind people walking by.

Oval mirrors are available in a variety of styles and finishes. Black framed mirrors provide a timeless and bold look, while regal walnut and dark bronze lend depth and sophistication. Many manufacturers include mounting instructions with their new mirrors. If you’re installing a framed mirror on drywall, consider using sleeve expansion anchors to support the weight of your mirror.

It can be hung on a wall able to reflect light

Oval mirrors can add a sense of depth to a room and can reflect light, making a space look larger. However, they are usually much heavier than other pictures or artwork, and need to be hung correctly to avoid falling. A heavy wall anchor is a good choice, but you should be careful to size it appropriately so that it can handle the weight of the mirror.

Before hanging your mirror, determine where you want it to hang and mark the wall. Use a multi-function stud finder to locate studs in the area and mark them. If there are no studs, consider using a metal toggle bolt instead.

If you’re hanging your mirror in a new build or recently remodeled home, drywall is the most likely wall type. Older homes may have plaster walls. If the studs are not in the correct position, use a drywall anchor on one side. Ask a helper to position the upper clip on the mirror, adjacent to the lower pin-hole marks.

It can be hung above a dresser

An oval mirror can be hung above a dresser to add light and dimension to the room. Choose one with a framed finish that matches your furniture for a seamless look. Add a few pictures or wall lamps in a symmetrical arrangement around the mirror to complete the look.

When hanging a mirror over furniture, it’s important to consider the height of the piece. Generally, the bottom edge of the mirror should be about 6 to 8 inches higher than the top edge of the furniture. This keeps the mirror at eye level when you’re seated.

To determine the best place to mount your mirror, hold it taut and mark the two anchor points on the wall. If you’re installing a heavy mirror, try to find two spots that distribute the weight evenly. For areas without wooden studs directly behind these marks, use wall anchors/shields to secure the mounting screws. Once the marks are in, install the screws and hang your mirror.


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