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Choosing a Newspa perFont

Choosing the right typeface is critical to creating a successful design. Whether you’re looking for a serif or sans-serif font, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Newspapers need to grab the attention of readers and keep them engaged with the content. They need a font that’s easy to read and conveys the story effectively.

Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue is a sans serif font family that has gained a lot of popularity and acclaim over the years. Designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa, it is known for its bold and powerful look.

The Bebas Neue font family is a modern typeface that has become popular in both print and digital media. It is a perfect choice for highlighting titles, headlines, and other text elements that demand attention.

Bebas Neue is available in Thin, Light, Book, and Regular weights. It also comes in a professional version called Bebas Neue Pro, which is available in ten styles, including lowercase characters and italics.


Kilograph is a catchy newspaper font that will help you achieve the desired look for your design. It’s perfect for product presentations, logos, titles and other creative projects that need to be eye-catching.

The type is easy to read and features uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation marks. It also offers ligatures and stylistic alternates.


Redig is a bold condensed display typeface with an assertive and athletic aesthetic that’s inspired by newspaper headline typefaces of yesteryear. It features chamfered corners with rounded edges that smooth out some harshness, and has a generous x-height. This font is best suited for headlines, logos, branding, and any display type use you can think of. Its most impressive feature is the fact that it can be rendered on screens for on-brand results. It’s a good choice for digital newspaper publishing.


Designed by the Berlin-based type designer Jonathan Kersting, Staatliches is an all-capital display font with charmingly unconventional proportions. It features full sets of capitals, numbers, punctuation, and symbols, in addition to alternate widths and discretionary ligatures.

KI is an increasingly common font format for a variety of applications. It is often used to create logos, branding, and other text-based designs. It’s also commonly used in newspaper & magazine layouts. Despite its popularity, there are several concerns about KI.


Oxford is a typeface that’s ideal for newspaper headlines and sub-headers, but it can also be used for body copy. It features a number of weights and italics.

The family includes a wide range of characters, including lowercase and uppercase letters, numerals, punctuation, symbols, and international characters. There are also a number of OpenType ligatures and stylistic alternates.

The font is highly legible, and it works well in both digital and print projects. It’s also a popular choice for branding and logo designs.

Craft Collage Bitmap

A collage is a piece of paper or canvas that is made by placing various objects such as magazine and newspaper clippings, ribbons, paint, bits of colored or handmade papers, and other items, glued to it.

The Craft Collage Bitmap is an elegant and easily legible typeface that can be used to create eye-catching, retro artworks such as posters, flyers and book covers. The font also boasts a couple of other cool features, such as ligatures and symbols.


A newspaper font is a typeface used for headlines and body text. Choosing the right font can make a big difference in how well your content stands out and attracts readers.

Newspaper fonts are often serif typefaces because they are believed to help with legibility and guide the eye. They also work well in small sizes and for low-resolution printing, which is important for newspapers.


If you are looking for a bold, mixed newspaper font that will make your articles stand out from the rest, you should consider using Resgak. It features a mix of sans serif, condensed serif, blackletter, and handwriting styles that create a chaotic collage to attract your readers’ attention.

This contemporary font family includes 20 fonts, ranging from thin to extra black with matching italics. The lighter weights are perfect for body text, and the heavier ones work best for striking headlines.

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