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Choosing a Money Font

If you’re looking for a money font to use in your design, there are plenty of options out there. But it’s important to find one that works with your brand and message.

If you’re designing something that resembles currency, cash, or finance, these fonts can help make your designs look more professional and upscale.

National Currency

National Currency is an interesting typeface inspired by lettering found on old stock certificates and U.S. money. Its guilloche borders make it great for a wide range of designs.

A currency is a medium of exchange used by a nation to pay for goods and services, as well as to regulate their own economy. The value of a country’s currency is driven by both interest rates and inflation, as determined by the central banks of each country.

These factors drive the value of a country’s currency in a decentralized global market known as the foreign exchange (forex) market. This allows 24/7 trading, and currencies are traded in pairs at exchange rates that are set by the forex market.


Most large size national bank notes feature a portrait on the obverse side of the note, depicting a historical figure. These notes also show the issuing bank’s name, usually in shaded type. The bank’s charter number appears on the obverse of smaller size notes.


Bankster is a hand-lettered stylish font that comes with six variations. These include Bankster Solid, Bankster Hatches, Bankster Complete, Bankster Outline, Bankster Hatchline, and Bankster Shadow.

It is a great choice for creating designs related to money and finance. It also offers excellent layering components.

This all-caps font is inspired by the typography on old stock certificates and money designs. It has a familiar and classic look, making it perfect for financial and official projects.

The font is available in both TTF and OTF file formats. It is compatible with all major software applications.

The team behind Bankster has decided to focus on the product before asking for funding and investments. This approach differs from gaming projects that often require users to invest before they can play and trade. This is a positive move for the Banksters project and it shows that the developers are serious about ensuring they produce a quality product for their users.

Bad Guy Black

One of the best fonts for a financial theme is Bad Guy Black. Its most notable feature is its impressive opacity and printability. It is also available in multiple widths and weights, making it a cinch to use on any surface including paper, plastic, and fabric. The best part is that it is available for free! It’s the type of font you’ll want to keep on hand for future reference. It is especially useful for creating a bespoke certificate or folio, or for designing an award for a friend or family member. You can download it from Typeface. The best news is that it’s free to use for as long as you have an active subscription to Typeface.


If you’re looking to give your money-themed designs a little extra oomph, you need a great font. These money fonts are perfect for certificate and official document designs, posters, book covers, and anything else that resembles currency or banknotes.

Federal is a blocky all-caps font that’s ideal for designing financial, official documents, and other financial projects. This font is available in both regular and shadow versions, and includes numbers and basic punctuation.

Unlike most other fonts on this list, Federal doesn’t have any stylistic alternates or ligatures to help you create unique designs. However, it does have PUA-encoded glyphs and washes for use in any software that supports OpenType features.

The United States dollar is the national currency of the United States. It’s one of the oldest currencies in existence, and it’s used for both domestic transactions and international trade. It’s also the most widely-circulated currency in the world.

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