10 Exterior House Color

10 Exterior House Colors With Exceptional Curb Appeal

The exterior of a home plays a huge role in its value, identity, and community integration. It’s also a key factor in maintaining the type of welcome home atmosphere that makes a homeowner feel comfortable.

In order to help keep your home’s curb appeal looking its best, it’s important to consider which colors complement the neighborhood and enhance your property’s overall aesthetic. These 10 Exterior House Colors with Exceptional Curb Appeal are sure to get you started on your search!

1. Peach & Apricot

Soft Apricot is a warm and optimistic color that can be used to bring a lightness to a room. It pairs beautifully with a variety of natural and organic textures.

Peaches and apricots are drupes, similar to mangoes and cherries in shape and size, but with a flat pit (stone) within which is the seed. The fruit is sweet and has a nutty flavor, though some varieties have a slight tartness.

2. Black

Black is one of the most classic exterior house colors, but it can be surprisingly daring as well. In fact, it’s popping up all over the country — even in places where it would have never been a traditional color choice.

Often used in combination with white trim, this color can make your home stand out without looking too bold or jarring. The contrast between dark and light adds a timelessly refreshing feel to your curb appeal.

3. Sage Green

Sage green is one of the most popular home colors for its natural hues and calming effect on eyes. It also makes a great complement to the environment around it.

Sage green can be paired with various shades of red to create a beautiful look that is different from your neighbors. For example, if you paint your front door a bright red, you can instantly add a pop of color to your house exteriors!

4. Gray & White

Gray is one of the universally appealing exterior house colors. It evokes a sense of calm and security.

It’s also easy to work with. It will look great with a number of different materials and color schemes.

5. Terra Cotta

If you’re looking for a bold exterior paint color, terra cotta is a great option. It can make a home feel warm and welcoming.

You can find terra cotta in several different shades. Typically, it’s a natural brown-orange with just a bit of red in its makeup.

6. Red & Blue

Red is a bold color that stands out. It evokes feelings of warmth and optimism, making it a great choice for families or for homes that are located near the beach.

Blue is also a popular exterior house color for a variety of reasons. It offers a feeling of serenity and loyalty, which is important for craftsman styled homes that are often found on farms.

7. Black & White

Black and white are a classic combo that can instantly update your exterior. Not only does it look beautiful, but it can also bring out the character of a house.

It’s a versatile combination that can be used on any type of home. For example, a modern farmhouse with white siding can easily carry this color scheme with the use of black trim.

8. Blue & Green

Blue is a refreshingly chill color, ideal for creating a serene atmosphere. It can add a touch of brightness without being too bright or intense.

It’s a popular choice for houses near water because it looks great when paired with white trim. It also has a calming effect that works well for older homes.

9. White & Gray

Gray is a color that exists in between the lustrousness of black and the serenity of white. Its color characteristics vary, and there are many different shades to choose from.

The right shade of gray paint can enhance your home’s curb appeal. Pairing it with a true white trim is an excellent choice.

10. White & Black

White houses paired with black trim, accents, or doors are one of the best combinations to create exceptional curb appeal. The contrast between these colors provides a very timeless look that will never go out of style.

A warm white with greige undertones, such as Benjamin Moore’s Simply White or Sherwin Williams Alabaster, is a good choice. The color doesn’t look too bright in full sunlight, which is important for exteriors.

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